Thursday, June 01, 2006

getMyDistro 0.1 released!

hey all,
This is the first release of getMyDistro, the software that allows you to download your favorite Gnu/Linux distribution with a single click on Windows.

Here is how it work:
step one: You need to insert a blank CD in your cd burner first.
step two: Just start the application, select your distribution and click on the big button to get it.
step three: relax, go to the closest coffey shop and come back in an hour or so depending on your internet connection
step four: reboot and enjoy your newly downloaded favorite distribution :-)

Why getMyDistro:
For windows newbies:
- it's a pain to download the iso and windows doesn't support burning iso.
- getMyDistro uses bittorrent to download the iso, no need to download anything else

For experienced user:
- well, windows doesn't burn iso so when you don't have nero or anything like that, it comes in handy I guess :-)

This is the first release 0.1. It was published to celebrate the new Kubuntu Dapper release and it only supports kubuntu and ubuntu. Next versions will support all distros on distrowatch (or something like this ;-))

Download Setup.exe:
Setup.exe mirror1
Setup.exe mirror2

Download source (for developpers only):
cdrecord source

Now the screenshots:

contact me at patcito at gmail dot com
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    Blogger lavluda said...

    will it support multidisk distro ??

    7:39 AM  
    Blogger lavluda said...

    oh , another thing.

    will u make a *nix version ?

    7:40 AM  
    Blogger sink sink socks said...

    Patcito ! This program rox ! It is really helpfull and easy. Even my mother handled with it without any problems.

    Are you going to release more language versions ? If you want I could help you translating it to polish and german !

    Mail me if you need my help:

    Steven Burchardt

    12:05 PM  

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